Dream Team

US premiere, with writer/directors Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn, and actors Minh T Mia, Bro Estes, Veronica Osorio, Fariha Róisín, and actor/composer John Fell Ryan in person, in conversation with Steve Macfarlane

Saturday, April 6
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Directors/Writers: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn

USA, 2024, 91 minutes, DCP

In this absurdist homage to 90’s basic cable TV thrillers, two hot INTERPOL agents uncover an international, interspecies mystery.

The films of Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn provide a heady combination of high and lowbrow pleasures: their idiosyncratic blend of arch humor, bespoke production design and 16mm cinematography remains singular in the realm of contemporary arthouse cinema. In this sexy, consistently inventive detective-serial romp, Interpol agents No and Chase (Esther Garrel and Alex Zhang Hungtai) look to uncover a conspiracy involving coral and murder,  but little is solved, amid their encounters with a promiscuous scientist, a pair of fitness-obsessed interns and an invisible colleague with a vindictive streak.

Official Selection: International Film Festival Rotterdam

Starring: Alex Zhang Hungtai, Bro Estes, Esther Garrel, Fariha Róisín, Isabelle Barbier, John Fell Ryan, Minh T Mia, Veronica Osorio, Cachorra

Producers: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn