Rap World

Closing Night. World premiere, with writer/directors Conner O’Malley and Danny Scharar, writer/actors Jack Bensinger and Eric Rahill, and producers Harris Mayersohn and Meryl Faye Crock in person, in conversation with Alex Mechanik

Sunday, April 7
Vidiots Eagle Theatre

Directors/Writers: Conner O’Malley, Danny Scharar

USA, 2024, 57 minutes, H264

In 2009, four friends living in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania document their attempt to record a rap album over the course of one eventful night.

The feature directorial debut of comedian Conner O’Malley and director/editor Danny Scharar is a riotously entertaining mockumentary — a 2009-set period satire comparable only to the duo’s previous Youtube oeuvre, but is also perhaps their most rigorous work yet. A divorced cinema worker and rapper (O’Malley) dedicates himself to recording an album, passing the camera back and forth with fellow aspiring artists (played by Jack Bensinger and Eric Rahill) over the course of a long picaresque night. Written by leads O’Malley, Bensinger and Rahill and shot on a DV handycam from the era, this fuzzy portrayal of after-hours Midwestern suburban life captures both sides: the inescapable boredom as a catalyst for bad decisions, and an appreciation for simple pleasures. After all, some of the best nights of your life can be had in parking lots. 

Starring: Conner O'Malley, Jack Bensinger, Eric Rahill

Producers: Harris Mayersohn, Meryl Faye Crock